One of the observances in the Philippines for the month of September is the National Peace Consciousness Month under Presidential Proclamation No. 675 issued in 2004. This annual event was established "to instill consciousness and understanding of the importance of peace in the Filipino people." In the said proclamation, this yearly observance is necessary to instill among the citizens of the country, both young and old, the importance of peace in the development of the nation.

The word "peace" is derived from the Old French term "pais" which refers to "peace, reconciliation, silence, agreement." In the context of a community and a country in a wider scope, peace refers to the absence of war and conflict which may be achieved through different means such as royal marriages, peace negotiations, and alliances among countries and organizations across the globe.

As much as external peace is highly necessary for the overall welfare and security of any territory or country, achieving internal peace of a person is quite as significant too. Internal peace may equate to the state of having a calm mind, free from worries, negative thoughts, and violent ideas. Having the ability to cultivate inner peace is an important coping mechanism knowing that we are in the midst of different struggles as we go by our day-to-day lives.

So, how can we achieve inner peace? Let me quote OprahDaily's list and share some of her tips on how to attain a quiet, serene mind and disposition.

Find an opportunity where you can relax and vent your stress and negative emotions. Personally speaking, I really look forward to going to the beach to soothe my restless mind. Just the view of the waves crashing on the sand and feeling the smooth sand on my feet relaxes my entire being and flushes all my worries. Others practice yoga and meditation which are more practical ways to release tension and achieve a sense of calmness when feeling anxious or tired.

Be grateful for the blessings that you have in life. The presence of family and friends who love us, the work that we have, and all the little things that we simply take for granted must remind us that we are still loved by God. The moment we realize how lucky we are to still enjoy the simplest joys must be enough for us to sustain our purpose and sense of keeping ourselves alive both physically and spiritually. Contentment in life is an important key in achieving inner peace.

"Serve others to help yourself, too." When we are able to share what we have, may it be resources or our skills or talents to others, it gives us a sense of importance as well. If we are able to lend our hand to those in need, then it means that we are still capable of using ourselves for a good purpose and thus, will make us also feel good about ourselves. Self-appreciation is also important for us to attain a calm and purposeful mind.

Lastly, we must learn how to accept everything that happens. Ashley Davis Bush, psychotherapist and author of The Little Book of Inner Peace: Simple Practices for Less Angst, More Calm says that “Acceptance is an overall way of engaging with life, so it’s less about a quick practice, and more about a life orientation. When we resist our circumstances, we create a lot of suffering, which of course is the opposite of inner peace. And the second you start going with the flow and putting yourself in alignment with what is, you immediately start to have a sense of flowing with rather than flowing against.”