Gasoline stations with outlets and botiques along expressways are becoming popular trading points not only of goods and services but of illegal drugs too. This can be concluded after two big time drug buy-bust operations have been conducted on two separate places and incidents where authorities confiscated millions-worth of suspected methampetamine hydrochloride popularly known as shabu.

The first incident happened in July of this year at the South-bound gasoline station along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) An estimated P408 million worth of shabu were confiscated from Chinese peddlers who were entrapped by poseur buyers of the illegal substance. The items weighed around 60 kilos and thats a lot of illegal drugs.

The suspects who were arrested along with the confiscation of their stuff, were Chinese drug traders.

A couple of days ago, another entrapment operation was conducted by Philippine National Police operatives at another gasoline station, this time on the North-bound lane of the NLEx.

The suspects who were likewise Chinese nationals, were apprehended after they traded with poseur-buyers of illegal drugs concealed in Chinese tea bags. These are notorious for trading big-time drug transactions with big volume of shabu.

Gasoline stations along expressways are getting popular for trading drugs since these are popular transit points of motorists. In addition, there are a number of people pass thru or momentarily stay in said areas. The more people in a place, the better to conceal illegal drug trading activities.

Law enforcers handling illegal drug trades should keep watchful eyes on drug traders dealing in gasoline stations such as those along the expressways.


A friend and colleague in the industry has passed away. For several years, he has been an icon of journalism and later prior to his demise, a symbol of public service as a local legislator in Lubao.

John Susi, holds the key to responsible journalism. He has been in the industry for several years in the national and local scene. He has been a popular figure on television and radio.

This writer expresses sympathy and condoles with his family, relatives and friends for the loss. Kong John will be surely missed.


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