THE Davao City Water District (DCWD) has restored water supply in 50 percent of the areas served by the Dumoy Water Supply System (WSS) Line 2 as of 4 p.m. of September 16, 2022.

The water utility issued an emergency interruption at around 9:50 p.m. on September 15, 2022 for areas served by Dumoy WSS Line 2. The water line serves around 60,000 to 70,000 clients, which is one of the largest groups being served by DCWD.

In its 6:30 a.m update, DCWD said that “Based on the initial assessment in DCWD’s Talomo Sump 2, some electrical wirings have been damaged and a main electrical wire needs to be replaced.

However, sometime in the afternoon, DCWD was already able to restore water in some of the areas served by Dumoy WSS Line 2 after it was able to fix three of six booster pumps “ needed for the full blast operation of Talomo Sump 2.”

“The goal right now out of that number [is to] reduce nato ng i-reduce ang mga areas (is to reduce the affected areas) na because of the situation little time nalang gyud ang window kung kanus-a sila magkatubig (there are areas where the availability of water is only a short time), there will be several operation adjustments that we will be doing,” Jovana Cresta Duhaylungsod, DCWD spokesperson, said in an interview with SunStar Davao on September 16, 2022.

Despite the restoration of water service in some areas of Dumoy WSS Line 2, the capacity to serve its clients has been reduced.

Duhaylungsod said restoration of water service in elevated areas will take longer as consumption in the areas nearer the water source is expected to be high.

“The moment na mobalik ang tubig, katong pinakadool kusog pa man gud na sila og kanang consumption (Once the water service is restored, the water consumption near the source tends to be higher). Although naa tay mga low line areas na relatively mas layo compared sa nakauna nakadawat og supply, dili pa to sila gihapon makatubig until such time nga katong mas dool dili na sila kusog og consumption kay kana pa man pud ilahang opportunity na makaabot pa ang tubig didto (The same is also true for low line areas that are relatively far from the water source. Water service will be restored in their area once the consumption drops in areas near the source),” Duhaylungsod said.

She said areas where there is low water pressure to no water at all are Buhangin to Panacan (before Panacan Relocation), Quirino Avenue left side going towards Bajada, portions near Azuela Cove to Sasa Km. 12, portions of Marfori and Circumferential Rd., Bacaca Rd., and El Rio.

To be able to supply water to areas in Bajada served by Dumoy WSS Line 2, Duhaylungsod said it will be augmented by the Dumoy WSS Line 1.

The Tigatto and Mandug areas may still not have water due to the Panorama Reservoir having a low water supply.

“Dependent man gud ang ilahang supply sa level sa Panorama Reservoir considering na gina-boost lang nato ang tubig nga paingon didto and as of right now dili siya sufficient para mapaandar nato ang maong booster pump (These areas are dependent to Panorama Reservoir. Water from the reservoir is being boosted to serve these areas but as of right now, the water supply is not sufficient for us to use the booster pump),” Duhaylungsod said.

Duhaylungsod said water supply will be restored in areas covering Emily Homes to Holy Trinity in Cabantian but the water quality may be different.

“Para magkatubig ni sila naa tay nearby na water supply system which is ang Cabantian Water System, para lang for the meantime naa silay water supply (They will be supplied by the Cabantian Water System),” Duhaylungsod said.

However, Duhaylungsod said that this will result in a rotational water schedule in the Cabantian Water System.

“Katong naa sa mga high elevation sa Cabantian System mao pud to sila ang mawad-an og tubig kung dili nato kontrolon (Elevated areas served by the Cabantian System will experience no to low water pressure f we will not manage it properly),” Duhaylungsod said.

She said they will issue an advisory on the rotational schedule on their Facebook Page. She added that water delivery will also be scheduled to affected areas.

Meanwhile, Duhaylungsod said that the repair is ongoing. As of the writing of this story, they are trying to fix the fourth water booster pump to be able to increase water supply in areas served by the Dumoy WSS Line 2. The repair of the two other non-operational pumps, on the other hand, may take time because DCWD will need to replace some of its parts. But the water provider currently has no spare parts it needs, thus, it has requested an emergency procurement. KSD