This trilogy is five years in the making but I’m not complaining. For how is it that after 24 brutal rounds between Gennady Golovkin and Saul Alvarez, neither of us can truly say who is the better fighter?

Today’s fight can hopefully settle that issue once and for all. But first let’s examine what each fighter brings to the table in their third encounter.

GGG. It’s been almost four years since their second encounter and since then, he has soundly defeated all four of his opponents, two within the abbreviated route.

But he’s 40 years old now, and some have broached the retirement option a suggestion, which GGG (42-1, 37KOs) utterly disdains.

From the time he entered the pro ranks, Golovkin terrorized the middleweight division. Leading up to the first fight against Canelo, he compiled an incredible 37-0 record, behind a take-no-prisoners approach.

He tore through his opponents like knife through butter and at one time consecutively knocked out 23 of them. GGG was seemingly impervious to pain and it seemed like he could beat anyone out there.

Except of course, Canelo.

Their first fight was close, but I thought Canelo did enough to edge it. The judges, however, scored it draw.

The rematch was more tactically fought than the first and this time, I thought GGG won it, but the judges scored it a majority draw in favor of Alvarez.

It seems like no matter what GGG did, his body of work was never enough to get over that Canelo hump. Could he finally do it today?

ALVAREZ. After their second encounter the career of Canelo (57-2, 39KOs) took off on a different trajectory.

He went on tear—moving up to the light heavyweight division to defeat Sergey Kovalev and proceeding to clean up the super middleweight division and become its undisputed king.

Canelo was at the apex of the sport when he ran into Dmitry Bivol in his latest foray into the 175 lb division and was soundly defeated.

That defeat resonated well with Canelo and stung him. Never before had he felt so helpless against an opponent as no matter how hard he tried, Bivol was just too big and strong for him.

Has he recovered enough to be mentally ready for today’s donnybrook?

MY TAKE. No doubt, this fight will be a war for all the marbles. Bards and poets will sing about the carnage that will take place today; of both men’s courage and valor and of how dangerously resolute they were.

This will be another close call, just like their two previous encounters, but you know I am a sucker for the underdog and I am picking GGG to win via decision.

LAST ROUND. It’s on SOLCOM’S acting commander, a true officer and a gentleman, BGen. Armand M. Arevalo who recently celebrated his birthday. Cheers!