In these times of hardships for most earthlings, there are many, perhaps even millions, of persons who are anxious to be of help. And they’re all awaiting our pleas for succor where they Heaven.

Yes, they can help but only upon our bidding, because God has always put primacy over the exercise of our free will. The saints and other denizens of Heaven can help but only so much, the rest being dependent on our will to be helped further.

And so many of them, because they are not as well known to us on earth, are simply on “standby” for our petitions.

This was hinted in a letter from reader Roberta Bianzon Afable who recalled that “on July 26, 2020, in the middle of lockdown, a disturbing message was received about my beloved brother, Lucio Jr., suffering from unbearable abdominal pains, with pre-existing conditions being a 10-year diabetic.”

Her brother was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

“In succeeding months, due to distance and travel limitations, I could only clasped hands in fervent prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ through the powerful intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary, all the Saints and Blessed Ones, including Blessed Michael McGivney. Why Blessed Michael McGivney? For whenever I walk along to the Parish or to the market, I was and am reminded of him through the sight of the tarpaulin of the Knights of Columbus,” she wrote.

Except for members of the Knights of Columbus, Blessed McGivney is hardly known.

Mrs. Afable, however, felt that Blessed McGivney has a primary role in what happened next. She recalled that on December 30, 2020, midway through the required 12 chemotherapy sessions, the “previously noted pancreatic body and tail mass” had totally disappeared.

“Clearly, the words ‘disappearance, no mass, normal and unremarkable’ (in the medical report) are indicators of miracle healing,” Mrs. Afable noted.

She declared: “I proclaim and stand witness, that Blessed Michael McGivney, is one of my intercessors.”

While her brother later died from Covid 19 which she accepted as God’s will over her brother’s life length, her focus shifted to her husband Crispin who was also stricken with the virus and gave way to “severe left-brain stroke” that impaired the right side of his body as well as his speech.

Crispin had to be confined at the emergency room of a hospital for 14 days, but his conditioned never required a move to the Intensive Care Unit.

‘Today, my husband can partly move around on his own with the help of a cane, utter a few random words and is continuing to progress to the point that I can always hug and embrace him. His doctors are happy with his incremental development,” Mrs. Afable wrote.

Mrs. Afable said in retrospect: “For the grace of healing, provisions and strength which I prayed for, I am grateful indeed for the powerful intercessions of Blessed Virgin Mary, all Saints and of Blessed Michael McGivney. To God be all the Praises and the Glory!” (End of quote.)

Meanwhile. let me share what mystic Manuela Strack wrote about her experience on Aug. 25, 2022. Manuela, who is from the parish of Sievernich in Germany, was once helped helped by then Cardinal Josef Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) to deliver to Pope John Paul II some of the messages she had received from Heaven.

Last Aug. 25, she wrote:

“I see a large golden ball of light coming from the direction of the parish church in the sky. She levitates towards us. This is accompanied by two smaller balls of light. The great sphere of light opens and a wondrous light comes down to us.

“Then I see the gracious Child Jesus in the robe of His Precious Blood. His robe and mantle are the color of His Precious Blood and embroidered with golden lilies. The Infant Jesus in the form of Prague wears a large golden crown. The hair is dark brown and curly hair, his eyes are blue.

“ In His right hand He carries a large golden scepter and in His left hand He carries the Vulgate (Holy Scriptures). Now the two smaller spheres of light open and a beautiful smaller light comes down to us. Two angels emerge from these balls of light. They are dressed in a plain white robe. They spread over us the cloak of the King of Mercy. The mantle of the merciful child encloses us like a tent.

“The King of Mercy speaks and blesses us: ‘In the name of the Father and of the Son — that am I — and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Dear friends, I am happy to hear your prayer , the prayer of reparation.’

“Now the Bible is opened by an invisible hand. Suddenly, a powerful, wonderful light comes to us from the Scriptures. The scripture passage shown by the Lord is Hosea 10. I tell the divine child that I don't know the scripture passage. Now the king of heaven speaks to us:

"’Come to Me, everyone! I want to save you. open your hearts to me; Don't look at the world, look at Me! I tell you this. It does! I did not come to punish you. I give you my grace. This is My mercy.’

“The cloak grows larger and wider spread over us, like a very large tent.

“The divine child speaks: ‘This, My beloved country shall not be lost. Therefore I ask you for your prayers! Make amends! Then the Eternal Father will allow a stream of grace to flow through Germany and to all nations who turn to Me.’

“Now the King of Heaven presses His scepter to His heart, and it becomes the Aspergill of His Precious Blood. He sprinkles His Precious Blood on us and on all people who think of Him: ‘In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.’

“The King of Mercy asks M.: ‘You know Me?’

“I reply: ‘Yes, I know you, sir. The son, that's you!’

“The merciful Child Jesus speaks and looks at us: ‘I give you everything for the house of mercy. Once more I look at you. The house of mercy is also an act of reparation. If you pray, sacrifice and do penance, no war will come upon you. It's up to you, dear friends. Evil is very strong in the world. I came to you to give you My Peace.”

“The King of Mercy strongly admonishes us: ‘Fall on your knees, pray, sacrifice! Repent! Then you appease the Eternal Father. Have no fear! Stand true to Me!’

“Now the Lord lets a stream of grace of golden light flow from His heart onto the children present.

“The gracious Child Jesus says: ‘Be aware of the grace that I come to you. Saint Michael is your advocate. He prays for you before the throne of God so that Germany will not perish. So do you pray for those who don't. open your hearts My heart is open to all who want to accept My grace.’

“The king of mercy now gives me a white lily flower for the house of mercy. I should open my hands and the Lord put this blossom into them.

“The King of Mercy bids farewell with an ‘Adieu!’ and wishes us to say the following prayer: ‘O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those of yours most in need of mercy!’

“The merciful baby Jesus goes back into the ball of light and disappears. It is the same with the two angels.”