DENGUE cases in Cagayan de Oro has dropped to 21 as of mid-September of 2022, the City Health Office reported.

According to City Health Office Epidemiologist Dr. Teodulfo Joselito Retuya Jr., the number of dengue cases in Cagayan de Oro went up in the months of June to August this year, recording 218 cases in June, 236 cases in July and 132 cases in August.

Last year, the city logged 42 dengue cases in June, 67 cases in July and 62 cases in August.

"Thankfully, due to our aggressive barangay level information campaign and proactive community, our cases went down to 21," Retuya said.

The city epidemiologist further said the city's dengue incidence follows a pattern, in which cases go up every two to three years.

Retuya said July has the highest number of dengue cases recorded this year, with the city logging 111 dengue cases in March and 118 cases in April.