Pangan: Surveys may lie

NOT ALL survey results prove true and accurate as the latest Social Weather Stations forecast revealed: that there are fewer Filipinos experiencing hunger and, worse, poverty.

Most often, the survey firm relies on the statements of few respondents (about 1,200-1,400) and extrapolates and interprets these as if they represent the majority's position. Sadly, that is not so as the real situation on the ground is much too different from the forecast. So?

In reality, more Filipinos are getting hungry daily and more are on the brink of getting into the pit of poverty, getting nothing to tide them over. How many of us know how many Filipinos eat only once a day and are deeply indebted?

And yet, the bold pronouncements of the national government try to window dress the dire situation. Only in vain, alas!

It promises to provide more jobs to the unemployed, ayudas to transport organizations' drivers and relief for the tired healthcare workers. Does it succeed in doing so? I guess not.

We boast that we are no longer the sick man of Asia but our real situation belies that empty boast as we are still struggling very hard indeed.

* * *

An end to "spaghetti" wires. The city of Mabalacat had long planned to remove the so-called spaghetti or entangled wires hanging on electric posts which have become eyesores and pose danger to pedestrians and motorists alike. Nothing came out of the plan.

This time, I believe the city of San Fernando is hell-bent on removing these irritating spaghetti wires which were carelessly installed by telcos and other firms.

It is about time the communication firms and internet service providers were shamed into removing the eyesores, or else. . .

* * *

Barangay solid waste management. Barangay Tabun, headed by chairman Danilo de Leon circulated leaflets containing information on how to achieve zero waste and the waste to wealth program. It is a major contribution of this active barangay to the nationwide drive to reduce waste considerably and make the surroundings clean and orderly.

This move by chairman de Leon and members of the Sangguniang Barangay should be replicated city-wide and the residents a clean and safe place to reside in. Kudos to you all, chairman de Leon and members of the Sanggunaing Barangay!


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