Get to know yourself through your coffee preferences as Nespresso breaks down the different coffee drinking attitudes.

How do you like your coffee? Do you like it hot and black, or do you drink it with milk and iced coffee? Do you like it fruity or spicy, or do you prefer to take it without the extra flavor? Everyone knows coffee as that all-important drink that helps us power through the day, but aside from that, a cup of joe also says a lot about a drinker’s personality.

Coffee drinking in the Philippines has evolved over the years. Filipinos are now more discerning about the quality of their coffee and enjoy tasting blends inspired by different roasting techniques and coffee cultures. They also value convenience and consider how their drink matches their lifestyle.

Since Nespresso’s arrival in the Philippines in 2017, Filipinos have enjoyed exceptional coffee, cup after cup, at the comfort of their own homes, any time of day, especially during the pandemic. With the opening of Nespresso’s first boutique in Cebu, Cebuano coffee-lovers can easily enjoy unique and elevated coffee moments at home or in their office.

To help you identify your type as a coffee drinker, Nespresso has rounded up the different types of coffee drinkers along with the Nespresso drinks best suited for you:

OG coffee aficionado

You prefer to keep things straightforward, and you are very direct and organized. As a no-fuss coffee drinker, you prefer the regular-brewed coffee with its stand-out earthy flavors. Although you also try new blends and concoctions once in a while, you always go back to the classics.

Get your caffeine fix with Nespresso’s selection of coffee with flavors inspired from various parts of the world, like the all-time favorite, intense and creamy Firenze Arpeggio Espresso. These can easily be brewed using machines like the Essenza Mini, Inissia, Pixie, or Citiz.

Sweet blends connoisseur

You have a vibrant personality, and you tend to keep an optimistic outlook on life. A cup of coffee with sugary tones is your definition of a perfect blend with a hint of cream and a dash of milk. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you also like to pair your cup with donuts or pastries.

Whip up a perfect blend using Nespresso’s Latissima One or Creatista Plus machines. They include an innovative milk system that helps you make smooth and sweet coffee mixes like the Nespresso on Ice, Hazelnut Macchiato, and Iced Vanilla Cappuccino.

Peaceful and soul-searching coffee lover

You value peace and quiet, and you always take time to find balance in this fast-paced world. You prefer to delight in your coffee alone and away from the noise. You take great lengths to find the perfect time and ambiance to appreciate your drink from its aroma to its flavor.

Start your mornings or enjoy your afternoon breaks with a cup of black iced coffee or for a tinge of sweetness, a cup of Latte. Both drinks also make great refreshers on warm and sunny days.

Outgoing coffee enthusiast

You are confident, outgoing, and not afraid to try new things. Coffee brings out the best in you and it fuels you to strike up conversations at work or with friends. You also tend to be adventurous, not just in life but also with your coffee preferences, and you like to enjoy your drink in the company of friends at home or outdoors.

Spice up your drink by customizing your Nespresso coffee with new and unconventional ingredients. Recipe favorites include the Espresso Martini pick-me-up, the bittersweet Paris Chocolat Noir, and the citrusy Rio Sweet Lime.

With its innovative, stylish, and easy-to-operate machines, and premium blends inspired by different coffee cultures, Nespresso offers a consistent and convenient way to experience elevated coffee moments as you enjoy your hot cup or cold brew. Its high-quality coffee is sourced sustainably, making it the preferred brand for notable coffee lovers.

Refreshing summer drinks celebrating Brazil’s vibrant flavours

For those, who enjoy tasting new iced coffee concoctions, the summer 2022 collection has arrived, making waves with a tropical Brazilian-inspired range and fronted by Alessandra Ambrosio as the campaign’s muse. Inspired by the delicious flavours of the tropics and in honour of Brazil’s national drink, the Caipirinha, lime and mint take centre stage resulting in the refreshing new Barista Creations Liminha over Ice and Exotic Liminha over Ice flavoured coffees.

Enjoy consistent, exceptional coffee and craft your own drink at home with Nespresso in Cebu. Its first-ever boutique outside Metro Manila opens today, September 24 at the Level 1, The Gallery area of Ayala Center Cebu.

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