As various aspirants all over the country are gearing up for the December 5, 2022 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections, the upper house of Congress is busy deliberating for the pastponement of the polls, setting it until December of next year. The Senate has approved on second reading the bill postponing the said elections until next year.

Many newbies in the country are hoping that the elections will push through so they can have the opportunity to throw their hats in the political ring. They are already arming themselves this early, making very premature campaigns and establishing bailiwicks in their respective barangays.

Would-be candidates are likewise digging in their campaign chests as they are already making themselves popular and making chances to win should the elections would go on. Some mayors are already fielding their bets and the latter's "line-ups." This despite that barangay and SK elections should be non-partisans.

Meanwhile, sitting barangay and SK officials are hoping too that elections would be postponed so they can extend and prolong their present terms of office. Most of them are wishing that the polls shall be held next year.

Senate Bill 1306 seeks to move the December 5 elections to the second Monday of next year's December. Only Senators Risa Hontiveros and Koko Pimentel opposed to the legislative move. The rest of the Senate cast are for its postponement.

As usual, the reason for the move to delay the polls is on funding. Barangay and SK elections entail the use of millions of funds for the conduct of the said democratic activity. For those who are for the postponement, they see fit to use election funds to other more reasonable government funds use.

While it is true that delaying the elections means saving some funds, it also means a setback to democracy and disenfranchising the public's right to suffrage. If we dig deeply into the postponement, it deviates some constitutional provisions on such right to vote and be voted upon.

Delaying the elections is like delaying justice for those barangays with non-performing officials. On the other hand, its a deprivation of better and improved services for those barangays with good performers.


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