Pangan: DILG to LGUs: exercise frugality

IT IS EXPECTED THAT THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS or LGUs are advised by the Department of Interior and Local Government, the agency which monitors the former, to exercise fiscal restraint and frugality in the spending of public money.

In the light of devolving functions in the national government to local government units, Secretary Benhur Abalos issued an executive order forbidding the purchase of luxury service vehicles, or vehicles with displacements of above 3,000 ccs and ordered in the same memo the frugal use of public funds which can be put to better use especially during calamities or disasters.

Devolution of functions from the national government (mother offices) to local government units must entail the corresponding funds or budgets for the devolved functions and personnel.

It is about time to downsize or rightsize government bureaucracy to achieve effectiveness in governance. There are redundant positions (and personnel) which need to be removed or replaced with "working" or effective ones.

* * *

Encouraging results. The foray of PBBM into foreign destinations seems to be very positive and encouraging results for our economy, food security and financial balance.

As PBBM appeared and spoke to representatives of nations at the United Nations General Assembly. the audience listened intently to his message, accepted it and rose to pledge support for the President and his country.

Now, we hear of our quest for an upper-middle income status, a far cry from our erstwhile bottom ranking.

Japan, a long-time trading partner, promised full support to the Philippines' aspirations to become an upper-middle income country.

Other countries may be encouraged to follow suit but we need to let them know that our country really means business: no hanky-panky and no hidden or treacherous undertones in conducting business. Have we not unveiled Ease of Doing Business yet?

Only when we can assure foreign investors that we can offer level investment field can we expect them to pour in much-needed investments to make our economy robust and strong.


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