THE communist terrorist group (CTG) operating in Northern Mindanao and Caraga is bound for its eventual collapse, said Major General Wilbur Mamawag, commander of 4th Infantry Division.

This was after a series of neutralization of top CTG leaders through surrender, capture and encounter.

On September 25, six rebels surrendered to the 26th Infantry Battalion. The military identified the surrenderers as Mama “Jab” Inolato and Rodulfo “Datu Bagyo” Manseliohan Man-anito, Kabebing “Marilyn” Man-anito, Matet “Elvie” Inolato, Dexy’ Esok” Gumansil Hayonan, and Melecio “Datu Manhabinan” Manseliohan. They are remnants of Platoon Banglas of SRC3, NCMRC.

Recovered from them were six high-powered firearms.

On September 21, rebels Daniel “Ladder” Nague, Janelyn “Ajen” Flores, Maylyn “Lim” Acebido, Marjon “Bestre” Maraon, and Bobong “Jimmy” Asay gave themselves up to the 75th Infantry Battalion.

On September 17, another six rebels led by Badong “Reymund” Gumansel Lipanda surrendered to the 26th Infantry Battalion.

"This string of accomplishments clearly manifests the looming end of the CTG," Mamawag said.

"With 40 CTG key leaders neutralized resulting in 35 firearms recovered from September until the present, what we are dealing with right now are the remnants of the weakened CTGs who persist in threatening far-flung communities," he added.

The 4th Infantry Division commander also reiterated his call for peace.

"The Joint Task Force Diamond that I lead is on the last stretch of our campaign to finally end the local communist armed conflict in these two regions. At the rate we are going, it seems that our dream to have insurgency-free communities will not be far-fetched," Mamawag said.