THE technical working group for the establishment of the city college in Cagayan de Oro is now preparing for a massive data gathering, Cagayan de Oro Technical Vocational Institute (CDO TVI) School Vocational Administrator Maria Victoria Trinidad said.

This data gathering, Trinidad further said, includes conducting an online survey for the senior high school and junior high school students, out-of-school youths and adults.

"We're thinking that the bulk of the beneficiaries will really come from those na not in education and not in employment or maybe currently employed but they have not finished any college degree yet," Trinidad said.

"Yun yung parang we see as a potential group that we can serve for the city college," she added.

The team will also have conversations with the higher education institutions, the CDO TVI school vocational administrator said. This is to make sure that the city college does not directly compete with the program offerings as well as the quality of the programs that are being given by existing local colleges and universities, and the state university.

"And we will also be having some dialogues with the industries. After all, the products of the city college will be hopefully absorbed by our industries and companies and businesses here in the city. Hopefully, if the quality will be established, then maybe we can also look at the greater area of Mindanao and perhaps internationally," Trinidad said.

Trinidad further said they wanted to do the feasibility study correctly as the setting up of the city college is a "big investment."

"We really want to make sure that the people of Cagayan de Oro will feel the value of it and that we will set it up na talagang responsding to the real needs of those who will benefit from it," she added.