Working with young people

Working with young people

IT’S true that the wisdom of the old is like no other, but the exuberance of the young adds more life.

This was evident during the training for news writing and social media management to the personnel of J.J. Valderrama Behavioral Management Center (JJVBMC). They would soon publish their newsletter and they would like to strengthen their presence on social media.

Expectedly, the participants belonging to Generation Z demonstrate new levels of digital competence and a strong drive to achieve a goal.

Good thing here is the generosity of time, resources, and initiatives of Jerry Joseph Valderrama, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of JJVBMC. When the team needed to refresh and relearn their writing skills and determine good moves for their social media campaigns, he was ready to give them all his support.

The active minds of the young make them want to create more. With guidance from the experiences of the old, they can deliver what is expected of them.

For example, real and inspiring stories of JJVBMC’s clients can be shared. These are stories of hope and recovery. Stories of healing.

Who would not want to know their journey and the struggles in between? Their experiences give us some sense of hope. Their journey to recovery involves both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.

Readers would be interested to know their willingness to change with the help of professionals who would guide them on their journey.

Change, even if we want to make it happen, always comes best with proper guidance.

JJVBMC seeks to heal individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction by building a bridge to a peaceful and purposeful life.

They help the affected to find some meaning in their lives so that the change they need sparks from within. Or they help the affected find their purpose and stay away from drug addiction.

The approach of JJVBMC, with their belief that “you and I can heal”, is so ideal in a community tarnished with addiction and other forms of disorders like depression and its wide array of effects.

Yes, you and I can heal.

With a behavioral management center like JJVBMC whose founder is a living testimony of real change, the confusion and chaos in this world as a result of greed, too many inventions, complex modernization, or even complicated relationships, can be healed.

With vibrant young people willing to be trained, the real stories of hope and the messages of healing will be communicated well.

Sometimes this is all we need - stories that would make us want to live more.


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