The Davao City Covid-19 Task Force, together with schools in the city, is planning to intensify school-based vaccination after the low coverage rate for the population group of five to 11 years old.

“All the schools are very aware na mubo ang (of the low) turnout sa vaccination sa five to 11 years old and all of them are doing their best to campaign or the vaccination of this age group,” said spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser during a radio interview.

Out of the 188,000 target population coverage for the five-11 years old age group, Schlosser said around 18 percent is vaccinated, which is considered a “significantly” low turnout.

Schlosser said they are campaigning for vaccination against Covid-19 on top of monitoring confirmed positive cases in schools. With this, she said schools and universities can easily request vaccination rollout from the vaccination cluster team of the city.

“The Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education see how this is very important, not just the vaccine campaign but the information and education campaign as well,” Schlosser said.

She added that schools usually conduct a one-day seminar on Covid-19 management and the benefits of the vaccine to further inform parents, school employees, and students about the anti-Covid-19 vaccine.

On the other hand, schools and universities continue to conduct health and safety practices in-campus for their students and employees.

According to Schlosser, some of the good practices being observed by them are regular RT-PCR testing, health declaration, and most especially, following the minimum public health standards. ICM