Good grooming is essential for everyone. It shows that a person is taking care of not just his body but of his inner self. It goes beyond more than just personal hygiene.

Three years after Slick Street Barbers opened in Mandaue City, the “man-cave” unveiled its gentlemen’s studio, named Slick Street Studio, offering items necessary for men’s grooming last July. This was a welcome development with the return of many students to in-person classes and the gradual opening up of many activities after more than two years of strict pandemic restrictions.

Founder and owner Ralph Dustin Gica, who was also a part of a Philippine reality show Pinoy Boy Band some years ago, is enthusiastic about this new venture. He points out that men need not to always look rugged to show their masculinity and that taking extra care of his physical looks is essential. In this article, he shares five reasons why men need to practice good grooming.

Good Haircut. It surely improves appearance, according to Ralph. It creates a good impression most especially when going to events, which could be as simple as a friend’s birthday party or to a relative’s wedding. These are occasions when photographs are taken almost every minute and you would not want to be framed like having a “bad hair day.”

With face-to-face classes coming back in many schools and people going to work or applying for a job, there is a need for a clean haircut. Ralph points out that in Slick Street Barbers, the millennials and Gen-Zedders opt for the fade haircut style while the young professionals go for the regular trim or contours. “Having an appropriate haircut to fit your personality boosts confidence and makes you feel good,” he shared.

Street Wear. Good grooming is not just about taking care of one’s body. It also means choosing anything that one puts on it to create a good image. Clothing is one of them. In Slick Street Studio, a wide array of street wear are on display. “This particular clothing style is not just limited to hip-hop but has evolved into something very versatile,” said Ralph. Street wear defines a culture of uniqueness. Moreover, wearing something comfortable does not come with expensive price tags of branded get-up. These types of clothing are best for malling or going out with friends.

Comfy Shoes. To complement comfy street wear, there is a wide variety of sneakers at hand. Choosing comfortable footwear also affects confidence and efficiency in doing daily tasks. If you are in for a busy day, the last thing you would want to experience is getting bugged by a feeling of soreness because of an ill-fitting footwear. A good pair of shoes also improves posture, which is essential in channeling your inner confidence.

New Barbershop Experience. A relaxing massage then a shampoo is always great ways to cap a haircut session. In Slick Street, they offer the so-called “Gentleman’s Peak,” according to Ralph. This consists of massage, wash and some refreshment. “This transforms kids and teenagers into gentlemen.”

He further guarantees optimum service from their well-trained and friendly barbers, who undergo seminars and training yearly to make sure they are at par with the current trends in customer service.