THE newly installed chief of the Cebu City Police Office, Colonel Ireneo Dalogdog, wants volunteer group "Task Force Kasaligan" to join the police forces in implementing Mayor Michael Rama's Executive Order (EO) 9, otherwise called as "Oplan Disiplina."

Dalogdog said he will suggest his idea to the Cebu City Government to also tap the services of members of the task force in instilling discipline among the public.

But the CPPO said they have yet to fully implement the program since it started on Saturday, October 1, as they are still conducting information dissemination about Oplan Disiplina, which prohibits people from smoking, spitting, going out shirtless and committing traffic violations, among others.

Hopefully, the CPPO will start apprehending violators of Rama's EO 9 next week.

The police personnel who will be assigned in the oplan will also undergo training prior to their deployment. (AYB, BBT, TPT)