Pangan: Gas and oil products hold us hostage

WE dont have a choice, really, as we've been dependent on gas and oil products for our mobility.

Most of our activities are anchored on the use of these items and we seem to be bound on their use in our daily lives. Why are we so dependent on these items?

Do we have alternatives?

We are hostages to the whims of the Organization of Oil Producing countries or OPEC which threatens to cut oil supply by 2 million barrels a day thus causing their prices to skyrocket. What are the powerful nations doing to stop this blackmail?

Sometime ago, I learned of some probable oil deposits along the Malampaya area, but what has happened? A series of negotiations, including change of management of Malampaya took place and no report of its development came out of it.

Where are we now headed, in the matter of gas and oil? Do we need to continue laboring under the burden of its scarcity and volatile high price?

These are questions needing immediate answers but it seems our national authorities are as helpless as we are in searching and finding probable answers to the issue.

* * *

The administration of PBBM is already beset with problems on the tenure of its appointees to the cabinet.

Three of these have already resigned, not for their qualifications, as they are all lawyers: Attys. Vic Rodriguez, Jose Calida and Trixie Cruz Angeles.

PBBM's recent trip to Singapore drew flak from netizens. PBBM witnessed the F1 grand prix there but netizens were quick to conclude that such trip was financed by public money and was therefore immoral and uncalled for.

Apologists for him justified that trip by saying PBBM did some business transactions for the country and therefore was justified.

With the keen awareness of the people of the President's actions, he should be more circumspect and cautious in his future moves.


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