Finally, the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card Registration Act is now a law after President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. laid his signature on the legislation that emanated from Senate Bill No. 1310 and House Bill No. 14.

Under the new law, mobile phone subscribers are required to register their names, birth dates and addreses and present valid government-issued identification cards with telecommunication companies. This is a part of the documentation and profiling process of subscribers.

The law aims to deter crimes and criminals who use mobile phones in perpetrating illegal acts. There are a number of scams made through phone calls and there are a number of victims too who are made helpless and cannot even run after scammers because the latter cannot be identified.

Illegal transactions made through phone calls such as during negotiations of kidnapping cases or illegal drugs trading cannot be addressed properly by law enforcement agencies because those involved in such are using unregistered mobile phone numbers.

Presently, mobile phone calls made from pre-paid subscriptions from telecommunication companies are untraceable due to the fact that sim cards are not registered. With the new law, criminals would think twice whether to use registered mobile phone numbers or not.

While the law has the provision of sanctioning those who will use false identifications, one flaw of the law that we may see is the use of fake identification cards when registering mobile phone numbers. There are some who are experts in manufacturing fake identities such as those in Recto Avenue in Manila.

Some people always find ways in faking identities, making fake identification papers. This early, while the registration of SIM Cards is only on its way to implementation, witty criminals may prepare their fake identities and come registration time, they can easily have their fake registration of their mobile phone numbers.

Since the law is yet to be implemented, we may have yet to see the effectiveness of the law in fighting crimes. The intention of the law is noble. Its implementation however is still what we dont know. Lets wait and see.


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