PROMISING to provide advanced, accessible, and affordable healthcare services to Filipinos, the country’s largest private hospital group Metro Pacific Hospitals reintroduces itself as modernized patient-centric Metro Pacific Health (MPH).

Starting October, MPH will now have a new logo, tagline, video campaigns, and even a song to realign and strengthen the 19-hospital-strong integrated network.

During the Mindanao leg of MPH's brand equity launch Friday, October 14, at a mall in General Santos City, the group's CEO Dr. Harish Pillai said the brand refresh conveys their direction as one integrated network of hospitals towards becoming one of Asia’s most-valued, innovative, and trusted healthcare providers.

With the rebrand, the hospital's group will now carry the tagline: The heart of Filipino healthcare.

“This marks a new era for Metro Pacific Health - one where we redefine healthcare for the Philippines. This isn't just a new look for us as a company, but rather an expression of what it truly means to be the heart of Filipino healthcare," Pillai said.

Lower cost of healthcare for Filipinos

While recognizing the current realities of the industry that drive higher costs for healthcare like shortage of health professionals, lack of Philippine-based pharmaceuticals, and outdated policies, MPH is doing its part to make quality healthcare more affordable to the general public.

MPH, as the country’s largest network of private hospitals, can acquire medical supplies and equipment in bulk at lower prices thereby saving a lot to pave the way for reduced healthcare prices for patients.

“We would like to be accessible to all Filipinos and make healthcare more affordable. We mean this. We’ve started the journey, we look at every touch point within our organization and how we can bring down the costs to make it more affordable to Filipinos,” Pillai said, adding they’re working on a project that will centralize clinical lab operations to help realize the goal.

Expansion plans

MPH President Augie P. Palisoc, Jr. revealed that the network, after 15 years, has now 19 hospitals, 22 primary care centers, and six cancer treatment centers, with a total 3,800 bed capacity, two healthcare colleges, a pool of 10,000 doctors, and 16,000 employees servicing over 3.8 million patients annually.

Its network of hospitals is in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Tarlac, Rizal, Laguna, Bohol, Negros Occidental, Zamboanga del Sur, Butuan, Davao City, and General Santos.

For the four Mindanao hospitals, these are Davao Doctors Hospital in Davao City; West Metro Medical Center in Zamboanga City; St. Elizabeth Hospital in General Santos City; and Manuel J. Santos Hospital in Butuan City.

To strengthen its network of hospitals and reach more Filipinos, MPH eyes adding a hospital in Mindanao under its network before the year ends. The eyed hospital is said to have around 100-bed capacity.

The group also targets to expand its number of hospitals to 40 in seven to eight years adding around 4,000 bed capacity on top of its current nationwide portfolio.

Innovation, way forward

A huge part of the group’s rebranding is the introduction of new and innovative measures like remote patient monitoring, electronic health record systems, hospital-at-home programs and other products and services that will redefine healthcare.

“In three to four years now, our dream is no Filipinos shall need to leave the country to access advanced and modern healthcare,” Pillai shared.

MPH - Mindanao Cluster President Oslec G. Lopez said while each hospital now has unique digital initiatives to extend healthcare services, MPH is launching next year a unified Virtual Care Platform for all its hospitals.

Ensuring smooth end-to-end medical services to patients, MPH is also embarking on a major virtual integration project that would establish a network-wide e-medical records allowing patients to access and receive information across all MPH hospitals nationwide.

For more information, visit Metro Pacific Health’s official website at or follow @metropacifichealth on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Youtube. ASP