The last time around I picked George Kambosos Jr. to prevail over Devin Haney (28-0, 15KOs). I’m not committing the same mistake twice.

Perhaps I was too enamored with the way Kambosos defeated Teofimo Lopez that I conveniently forgot the time-honored fight adage that always holds true:

Styles make fights.

HANEY. It wasn’t a cakewalk but Haney clearly and convincingly defeated Kambosos the first time out.

Kambosos is a very active fighter and likes to come forward and throw combinations. Haney is his polar opposite because he is more calculating in his approach and engages only on his terms.

During their first encounter, Haney practically dictated the pace of the fight through his jab. When the fighters got close, he was wise enough to clinch and stifle Kambosos’ offense.

His offensive pump was always levered by his ever-present jab. Quite impressive actually, but not that exciting.

KAMBOSOS. I’m not saying Kambosos can’t win this rematch. We know anything can happen in a fight. But short of Kambosos catching Haney napping with a huge punch, I just can’t see how he can fight any better than their first encounter.

Kambosos has a glittering array of punches. His offensive arsenal is astounding. But we’ve seen practically everything in the Lopez and Haney fights.

I do think that for him to upset Haney he has to be even more aggressive. He can’t fight Haney’s fight. He has to leave everything out there and hope Haney gets careless.

MY TAKE. I would compare Haney to a young less talented Floyd Mayweather in terms of approach. Haney isn’t afraid to be called boring as long as he comes out victorious. There’s a reason why he remains undefeated.

I expect the fight to be pretty even in the first half of the fight. Kambosos will be able to land some punches here and there, but Haney the disciplinarian will keep his cool and slowly take over in the second half of the fight.

This could potentially be closer and harder to score but I think Haney comes out victorious anyway.

VERBATIM. “I don’t get paid for overtime. I’ve been known for the knockouts and I’m going to end my career continuing to get those knockouts.” - Deontay Wilder who faces off against Robert Helenius today.

LAST ROUND. It’s on Darren Hall who recently celebrated his birthday. Cheers, mate!