THE United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai and Qatar. are very active in research and development, spending valuable currencies for these in order to come up with new and innovative ideas for the world to use.

Ditto with Germany and Japan and South Korea, which spend big chunks of their budgets for R and D and technology. No wonder, they come up with sensational products useful for our environment and health.

The world is not wanting of scientists, biologists and astro physicists and inventors and this bunch should be encouraged to use their skills to combat diseases and disasters, current and forthcoming, in order to foster peace and stability in our ranks.

What about the Philippines? Well, with a nuge NEP budget of over 5 trillion, minimal or nothing is given for research and development. If at all, this is given the last look and priority.

* * *

Impunity. Who says PH journalists and other media practitioners are safe and secure in their homeland?. Not on your life for this is further from the truth.

The latest fatality in this raging madness against media is the hard-hitting radio-tv and social media broadcaster and commentator Percy Mabasa, better known as Percy Lapid of Lapid Fire. I saw his program once and indeed he breathed fire like the old Damian Sotto!

He must have offended gravely someone who had money and with wide connections, stepped on his toes and pride that his killing was planned and timed on his going home. He was shot in the head by motorcycle-riding men in tandem near his home in a gated Metro Manila subdivision to put an end to his career and visions.

A ripple effect among nations followed, Canada and the Netherlands prominently, and condemnations poured in from other parts of the world. So, what better and safe future awaits journalists and other media practitioners, considering even the assurance of President BBM that they would be protected. Quo vadis, Mr. President, sir?