FROM Oct. 7 to 8, Bloq Residences hosted an event dubbed “Bloq Mixer.” It showcased local breweries both for coffee and cocktails. The curated event provided an avenue for appreciators of Cebuano art and culture.

Held at Bloq Sikatuna, the mixer marketed what the brand does best—understanding the desires of the market, and giving it to them with a flare of style and a main serving of good fun. The aim of the event is to showcase to the Cebuano masses the collective collaboration of artists and entrepreneurs.

The curated event has everything for everyone; from health and lifestyle moguls with activities like an introductory spiel on the benefits of essential oils which was led by two women entrepreneurs: Mae Roma and Kitty Bunag. A coffee demo also took place lead by the Good Cup Coffee team which lured in coffee aficionados in the metro.

Another segment of the event which was just in time for happy hour on Friday, a mixology session where expert bartenders and mixologists from Lure Bar & Grill demonstrated how to make a mean glass of your choice of cocktail.

As all these went on, a fascinating silent auction was held throughout both days of the event, the proceeds of which were to go to charity. The eclectic collection captivated the audience. Hand-picked and valuable pieces of art and fashion were put up for bidding: from a stunning custom-made top given by designer Axel Que, worn by Miss Universe Philippines 2021, Beatriz Gomez during pageant preliminaries, to watercolor art pieces by the talented artist, Golda King.

The highlight of this mixer event is introducing Bloq’s newest campaign, “The Bloq Stories,” which features the residents of Bloq that embody its values of “freedom” and “independence.” Each of the participants have interesting stories to tell which were inspiring to the attendees of the event.

The chosen resident personalities shared that Bloq Residences allowed them to fully express their own style and personality in their homes, consequently embodying “independence” and “freedom.”

This mixer is Bloq Residences first sizable event of the year after a long break from holding physical gatherings. It showcased what Bloq Residences is truly known for: style and diversity. S