A look into resilience, purpose: STC batch ’77 exhibit

ARTISTS. Deedee Rallos and Tina Gandionco strike a pose with their former art teacher from STC, Mme. Ana B. Juan (middle).
ARTISTS. Deedee Rallos and Tina Gandionco strike a pose with their former art teacher from STC, Mme. Ana B. Juan (middle).

Spanning from its founding years up to the present, St. Theresa’s College-Cebu (STC-Cebu) has continuously transformed women to be exceptional members of society. With its motto, “Virtute, Scientia, Artibus Floreat,” which translates to: “Virtue, Science, and Art may flourish,” it has ultimately set forth the significance of all three facets in holistic education. St. Theresa’s College, as an institution, nurtures its students to pursue their passions with a zealous verve.

On Oct. 16, 2022, the alumni of high school batch ’77 opened their exhibit called “Women of Purpose & Resilience in these Challenging Times.” Organized by Tina Marie Gandionco, the exhibit showcases masterpieces centering around overcoming challenging hurdles in the contemporary world.

Gandionco shared: “When we graduated in 1977, about 45 years ago, the first glimpse we had of the modernization of the world was the tele-fax machine. Now, we have all kinds of media. The theme of this exhibit deep dives into that—how we are able to adapt to the modern workings of the world and also at the same time, survive it.”

The exhibit also tackles the resilience of overcoming the last two years of the pandemic in which we’ve all had our bitter share of. Gandionco further explained:

“In the pandemic, I was finally able to pursue my art faithfully again. And I suppose, a lot of my batchmates were able to as well. Personally, I wasn’t able to fully explore art as a career because at the time, you couldn’t earn as much to sustain a living.”

The bond the batch ’77 alumni share is unbreakable. As a group, they gathered their artworks as they bonded over the years.

“We kept in touch with each other over the years. We’d meet each other for special occasions. This year, we celebrate our homecoming. That is why we took the time to organize this exhibit; to showcase the talents we nurtured and developed in our alma mater.”

All proceeds from the exhibit will go to STC-Cebu. The exhibit is open for public viewing until Monday, Oct. 24.


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