THE Tagum City Tourism, Arts and Culture Council Inc. (TCTACCI) held its oath-taking and mass induction of tourism-related association partners last September 28, 2022, at the City Hall Atrium, City Government Center in Apokon, Tagum City.

Present were the Honorable Rey T. Uy, Mayor of Tagum City, TCTACCI President Ms. Alma Uy and officers, Honorable Councilor Leo Revita and Chairperson Committee on Tourism, Regional Directors of the various National Government Agencies, officers and members of Tourism Enterprises and Tourism Related Associations, employees and visitors.

The program started off with a message from Mayor Uy, before the induction of officers and the pledge of support and commitment by the National Government Agencies.

In Ms. Alma Uy’s acceptance message, she announced the joint efforts of the Office of Hon. Leo Revita and the Office of Tourism, Culture, Heritage and Arts to have passed the City Ordinance #1 series of 2022, also known as the Enhanced Code of Festivals of the City of Tagum.

“Dubbed as the City of Festivals and Tourism Events, we bring back the vibrancy of the Musikahan Festival and the life of festivity that enlivens the spirit of all Tagumenyos. In the implementation of this Enhanced Code of Festivals, we will highly appreciate and look forward to the full trust, assistance, and support of the national government agencies as we move forward to the upcoming seasons of “Kalinaw and Kabibo Sa Siyudad Sa Tagum”, through the years,” Ms. Alma Uy said.

November promises to be an exciting month as the Tourism Council President announced the biggest and grandest launching event of the year, emphasizing the Tagum Festival Seasons that envision the enhancing and broadening of opportunities through a three-day event presenting a series of Industry Fair, Craft and Culinary Hubs with its theme “Diwa sa Kahiusahan, Dalan sa Kadaugan”. Such an event is said to highlight the wide array of performances, exhibitions and talents from both young and old Tagumenyos.

This three-day celebration will have a food fair, art hub, outdoor activities like film screening and video showcasing, fair trade and enriching cultural encounters, extending its festivities to various identified sites such as the Tagum City Hall, the Civic Heritage and Cultural Center, the Rotary Park and the Tagum Trade Center.

Tagum City has been dubbed as the City of Festivals throughout the years. In 2006, Musikahan sa Tagum Festival propelled the city to greater heights in the Asean Music Map. This time, with new collaborative efforts, she vowed to again take pride on the brand that Tagum has long been known for --- THE MUSIC CAPITAL OF THE SOUTH.

Ms. Uy said, “We have collectively affirmed that our primary goal is to put in place the City of Tagum, prominently in the tourism map of the Davao Region, and of Mindanao. Thus, we embrace the challenge to expand our efforts towards an increase in tourist arrivals from a meager annual average of 107,883 or 0.7% of the total tourists’ arrivals in the Davao Region during the period 2014 to 2021, to a desirable 125,349 or 0.9% in 2025.”

She said that in order to achieve this, they need to bolster their strengths and capabilities as well as heighten calibrated strategies and commitment to transform the City of Tagum into a noteworthy tourism destination — a haven to visit, a sanctuary to be with, and a place to learn from.

She ended with, “I would repeat --- the clamor of the majority of the Tagumenyos has always been – “Ibalik ang ka-limpyo, kahapsay, kalinaw, kabibo sa Siyudad sa Tagum”. Ibalik ang Kabibo – because the fun can start here in Tagum, and we will soon hear the music of your loud cheers and witness the long-time gone festivity of the city. Maong magkita kita ta sa Nobyembre kay the fun will start soon.”