BARANGAY Granada Punong Barangay Alfredo Talimodao said that being the champion in the recently concluded street and arena dance competition, they will utilize part of the P1 million prize to put up a MassKara festival landmark in Barangay Granada.

Talimodao said that the structure aims to showcase the village’s greatest achievement in its participation in the MassKara street dance and arena competition.

"I want to showcase such an unforgettable feat that our MassKara dancers, who are mostly residents of the Barangay, have achieved in the previous years,” he said.

Talimodao had conveyed this plan to the members of the Barangay Council and he said that most of them have agreed in principle.

The members of the barangay council will be holding a special session regarding the matter next month.

Talimodao recalled that in their previous wins, the barangay gave all the prizes to the dancers, choreographers and designers.

“But now since this is a bigger prize, it would be proper to set aside a portion for the establishment of a landmark that will perpetuate the victory of Barangay Granada in the MassKara festival street and arena dance competition,” the village head reiterates.

For his part, choreographer Joedem Casabuena said the joy that they felt is rhapsodic because all of them have indeed worked hard for this victory.

Casabuena noted that it took them three months of rigorous practice to perfect the execution of the dance steps and movements.

“Everybody has contributed to the success of our MassKara dancers, the props, the headdresses, and the costumes,” he said.

The choreographer lauded the officials of the barangay particularly Talimodao as they have shown their full support, which inspired them to put up their best efforts in taking back the title as the grand champion of the street and arena dance competition of the MassKara Festival.

Barangay Granada was a hall-of-famer at the MassKara Festival Street and arena dance competition after it won the championships from 2014 to 2016.

“The pressure is too high for all of us to work hard to maintain the title as the grand champion. God is too good that we all made it to the top. We are grateful to everyone for the concerted efforts and faith that we will still make it as the grand champion,” Casabuena added.