Limlingan: EdPam on local culture and language

Clark Development Corporation (CDC) Board Chairman and former Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan has recently gave attention to the "vanishing" Kapampangan culture and language during a forum with the media at Clark. According to Pamintuan, there is a need to revive the same in view of what is happening on our local culture.

Chairman Edpam is a known advocate of the Kapampangan culture. As such, he supports local activities concerning the kapampangan race. For his part, he wanted to re-live our very own culture and tradition as he advocates the use of the kapampangan dialect.

For a start and under the chairmanship of EdPam, a Kapampangan Center shall be established inside the freeport. This will help kapampangans understand and know more of Pampanga. Tourists, local and foreign alike, shall be introduced to kapampangan language, culture and traditions as the Center shall be made the hub for everything about Pampanga.

These days, many kapampangan parents speak tagalog to their young children, somehow contributing to the slow demise of the local Pampanga dialect. I cant imagine why such parents prefer to speak tagalog more to their young. Some may consider tagalog as "sosyal", however, we need to live and love our own dialect since the latter forms part of our identity.

As an advocate of the kapampanga race, I salute Chairman EdPam for underscoring the need to revive kapampangan culture and language. Kapampangan leaders and personalities should emulate him in his move to preserve everything about kapampangans.


In a few days, Filipinos will be visiting the graves of their loves ones. Its been a while since visits to cemeteries, columbariums, memorial parks and other similar places have been banned due to the pandemic. For the past 2 years, we resorted to lighting candles in our homes during the All Saint's Day. We have no option except to abide by the government restrictions against mass gatherings.

Come November 1, we expect a lot of Filipinos will be going to such places to re-live the tradition of visiting the graves of the departed. Its the time of the year of showing and giving respect to our families and friends who are now in their eternal resting places.

Despite the fact that we are now allowed to visit the memorial places, we must always bear in our minds that the pandemic do still exists. It might not be deadly as it was used to be but we would not want of course to be infected with the virus.


The Mabalacat City Government is not allowing overnight stays in memorial places this coming Undas. Its a good measure to somehow let people take care of themselves against health threats through the avoidance of mass gatherings. In addition, crimes would be discouraged as people would go home after paying respects to the dead and not spend the night in places of respect. Good job MCG!


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