Pangan: The rogue nations

I KEEP harping on three rogue nations, namely China, Russia and North Korea because by their actuations, recent and past, they pose real and dangerous threats to mankind.

China, under Xi Jinping, and a known bully nation, keeps on making overtures to annex Taiwan, now a prosperous and peaceful sovereign nation.

Russia, as we know, has her sights on Ukraine, a former satellite with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Russia is now salivating for its entry back into the Soviet Union.

We also know that North Korea, under the tyrant Kim Jong-un, demonstrates every now and then its military power by firing (allegedly testing) its ballistic missiles towards South Korea, a peaceful, progressive nation and, of late, even in the direction of Japan, an economic and military power.

Following close to the top three rogue nations is Iran where unrests and protests are commonplace. It boasts of a nuclear arsenal which it threatens to use any time when its pride is pricked.

These nations' behavior must be closely watched and monitored by the world bodies in order to forestall although momentarily in order to avoid a possible world war or an armageddon.

I cannot imagine the world scenarios which could follow if these rogue nations unleash their dastardly acts, either in unison or individually. The cost on lives and properties would be indescribable!

* * *

On a sensible topic, Clark Development Corporation makes use of its otherwise unserviceable motor vehicles, disposable construction materials, crystals, furniture and fixtures, scrap materials and unserviceable equipment.

In an announcement in a nationally-circulated paper, it announced it bids the materials and items on an "as is where is" basis and for cash on October 10 through November 4, 2022.

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