DESPITE their situation, this did not dampen the resolve of the persons deprived of liberty (PDL) at the Victorias City Jail to join and have fun at the “Bida Ka Tay 2022” competition recently.

This is in line with the celebration of the National Correctional Consciousness Week 2022 anchored on the theme, “Mataas na Kalidad ng Serbisyong Pampiitan, Pagbabago ng PDL Tiyak Makakamtan.”

City Jail Warden Jail Inspector Jumcarvi Rosales said the program was held for the development and welfare of the PDLs.

The jail management has recognized the vital role and contribution of fathers in the community and even if their liberty is deprived, they are still fathers of their respective family.

The Bida Ka Tay 2022 competition allowed the contestants to perform dancing, singing and some acting that made the presentation a lot more fun and meaningful.

These PDLs have talents that entertain the whole community of PDLs inside the jail, Rosales said.

The said activity strengthens their self-confidence and self-worth with a variety of talents that they have showcased during the competition, he said.