PRESIDENT Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., spelled out the country's economic and policy directions to revive the economy and improve the people's livelihood stance and overall well-being.

Now, the business community is sounding out its all-out support to the government to provide a good climate for business so they can invest and further boost the economy.

We know that we can streamline the business processes and requirements and the ease of doing business law is in place. Business conglomerates are urging government to make the policies and law consistent and not very changeable.

Teresita Sy-Coson, chairperson of BDO Unibank and vice chair of SM Investments Corporation declared thus: We hope to have more communications with the government. All of us really wants to bring in more investments. We're in constant communication at this point. We're happy the government is geared towards better economic situations and emphasize on the economy more than political side.

She mentioned the excellent standard of processes prevailing in Singapore and hopes that we can replicate them here in the Philippines.

Truly, the need for a conducive business climate in the Philippines is imperative for investors to happily pour in the much-needed foreign investments.

SMC Chief Finance Officer Raoul Eduardo C. Romulo chimed in: We have to be patient for it's not going to happen overnight, especially business. We need to prove today that we're building the seeds for th future. We have to continue the momentum. Our reputation is critical. They have to see that we are a good country to invest in.

Amen to that. We need also to improve our peace and order situation and keep tight watch over bad elements in our society.

* * *

The micro, small and medium business enterprises must also be given attention and support to make them strong, sustained and competitive in the face of influx of foreign investments.

This way, our claim to be an aspirant for a strong middle class economy will be given worth and recognition.