The brand name, Citadines, is derived from a French word that translates to “from the city” or “in the city” which lives up to Citadines Cebu’s locational bearings. Everything in Metro Cebu is just at an arm’s reach.

Citadines is conveniently located near the bustling business districts of Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT Park. The serviced apartment is part of a development that comprises commercial and retail. The property also partnered with Abaca Baking Company for a bakery and café place the guests of Citadines can go check out.

Citadines Cebu, in its effort to refine customer experience, is currently practicing a “brand refresh,” in which it appends services and programs that makes certain the utmost satisfaction of its guests.

One of these services is centered around coffee. Upon entry in Citadines, guests are immediately presented with their choice of coffee—made especially by Citadines’ in-house barista. Also, for long-stay guests, zumba and yoga programs are also made available. Additionally, every month, Citadines hosts heritage tours to promote the city to first-time comers.

With the brand aiming for a refresher to enhance and elevate its services, it is quite timely to welcome its new residence manager.

Meet Rey Vergel Mulat, a veteran in the hospitality industry. Mulat was born in Davao and grew up in Cebu City. He moved to Manila in high school through college. In January 2022, he relocated back to Cebu to work for Citadines.

He shared that he is ecstatic to lead Citadines Cebu.

“It will be an exciting chapter as I oversee this property in the Queen City of the South.”

Mulat also said that he is laser-focused in providing the residents genuine and heartfelt Cebuano hospitality Citadines is known for.

“As Citadines is the French word for ‘from the city,’ we will make sure that each stay makes them feel like they are part of the city,” he also added.

Mulat will be a crucial figure in spearheading sales results, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and property maintenance. Mulat will also oversee the pre-opening of lyf Cebu City, the first co-living serviced residence in the Philippines. He brings with him 16 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

“My personal philosophy that I abide by in my daily tasks—that I also remind my team with—is ‘Hard work, works.’ It is my base line. I make sure I surround myself with people with the same drive as me. People who are passionate and ecstatic to work hard,” Mulat said.

As a leader, Mulat tries to pace himself and his team. “We don’t rush things at all. There has to be precision in things that we do. I also tell my team not to settle. Every top of the mountain is actually the bottom of the next one.”

Having been in the hospitality industry for a long while, Mulat has faced a fair share of obstacles. However, he doesn’t see it as such.

“For some they call it challenges but for me, I call them opportunities. That’s just how I approach life. When you’re faced with hard things, growth is there around the corner. You will be tested but you can also guarantee that you will grow from it.”

The refurbishing of the brand brings in many opportunities for growth which is evident in Rey Vergel Mulat’s tenacity in which he plans to lead the Citadines team—with a strong purpose and an even stronger grit.