Heavenly White House


AT home, I see all busy. My eldest, Bea would start her online class at 7a.m.; yeah Nursing subjects begin so early; Macoy, my youngest, also starts his online class at 7:40 a.m. At the same time, I leave the house almost every day for work at 6:15 a.m. We usually meet and chit-chat very quickly during dinner. Nearly every day, this has been our routine, except for Sunday. However, my children are sometimes busy with social networks and other social media.

So, when the first semester ends before All Souls Day, I have thought of going to a place without internet. I am thinking of sleeping late with my family, just playing, talking, and waking up early to watch the sunrise. I would love for us to sit together while watching the green trees and feeling the cold breeze.

Then God was so good my wish to be with my family locked in for three days without work interruptions came true. And as we were traveling to the “White House” in Buda, it felt like we were welcomed by nature as we witnessed the cold fog embracing us. The birds were also singing as they chirped the moment we arrived.

What is more capturing is when the four of us in the family stayed on the veranda, where we can see captivating mountains and dancing trees. God, it was a heavenly experience. I realized God is great, with beautiful creations that sometimes we fail to appreciate. We have been so busy and preoccupied with work to earn money, and we have not thought about God who can care for everything.

When we were sitting on the grass, I smelled the natural fragrance of the air that blended with the scent of the trees and flowers blooming. Oh, this heals worries and anxieties. As I hear the sound of the leaves, I remember my childhood days when we run at the playground of the Shrine in Matina. Happy memories this place brings me.

The sunset was so dramatic, with colors yellow and orange signaling it’s time to rest. Amazing, as I have not watched this for years, I was used to watching the clock to monitor my work outputs. At night, my husband has many stories to share. Ghost stories were one of those, and kids were scared. But thank God because they have opted to sleep with us instead in the mezzanine.

While the sunrise was so blazing, its brightness allowed me to see the beauty of God’s creation, and the heat reminded me that I am alive and can beat all the struggles I am and may experience. So, while we were eating breakfast, we were kidding with each other, and boisterous laughter we could hear, such as music to my ears. Also, the hot chocolate was pure, waking up our souls.

Ahh, it was a place where everything was so cold. Even the water is ice cold, and foods need to be reheated. Also, jackets and socks are a must to wear. Most of all, it will need hugs and kisses. Thank God my kids and husband were not selfish about these embraces. We felt the warmth; we felt safe and secure.

I must say that the ‘Buda White House” located at the high mountain of Baganihan, Marilog District is a perfect place for the family to spend. It is a heavenly place to relax away from city life, with a breathtaking view of mountain ridges and valleys. Ahh, in time, I will revisit this place. The place that keeps me alive and nurtures my family relationships.


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