A COUPLE from Iloilo City, who are both mountaineering enthusiasts, exchanged wedding vows on top of Mount Apo.

The wedding happened on October 30, 2022, however, it was only shared with the public this week.

The couple, Nesgen Caburlan and Lino Zerrudo, traveled from Iloilo City to Bansalan in Davao del Sur to seal their forever.

The newlyweds were joined by their seven relatives and the officiating minister who witnessed the wedding.

The hike started on October 29.

It was learned that the wedding activity also coincided with the activity of their church, the Adventist Mountaineering Federation Congress.

Based on the video uploaded by Deonnel Peren, which has a duration of 11 minutes and 28 seconds, it can be seen that the officiating minister led the ceremony and was followed by the wedding rites.

The two immediately hugged each other as their friends screamed.

Part of the ceremony is the symbol of the promise that no matter what storm comes in their lives, only death can break them apart. JPC