SOMEWHERE in Calbiga town in the province of Samar stands a 120-foot image of Our Lord of Divine Mercy and a church of Our Lady of Mercy.

The Franciscans of the Divine Mercy, founded by Fr. Buenaventure Valles, constructed the image and the church with the help of generous donors.

The pilgrim site was dedicated on April 9, 2022 to coincide with the closing of the year-long celebration of 500 Years of Christianity in the Philippines.

The Divine Mercy image, however, is surrounded by weeds that a group embarked on a mission to beautify the area surrounding the image and the church.

But just as the priests and nuns depended on generous hearts to finish the shrine, the group knocked on the public’s hearts to offer their help.

"It is our ardent prayer that the shrine will eventually attract people from all walks of life, to come close to God and find a renewed sense of spirituality, all for the salvation of souls and our sanctification as means," said Fr. Valles.

Donations may be sent through GCash to Rizalino B. Valles at 0977-805-1090, or deposited to Rizalino B. Valles at BDO S/A # 006060106551. (PR)