PROMINENT artist Barry Cervantes continues with his passion for the arts.

Cervantes said his mind and soul bring him to the innermost detail of the art that he perfectly creates into a masterpiece.

He is one of the artists who is usually faced with a huge, blank wall, or a blank template of the digital art software.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, his works have been featured both in local and international publications, as well as in art galleries.

Not only that, he is also among the founding members of Grey Room Art Space + Cafe, and you would not miss his works around the Art District as well.

He believes that art is a never-ending challenge where learning is an integral part of any artist.

Cervantes encourages everyone not to limit themselves to new ideas and techniques.

“Just allow one’s passion for the art to lead you to your unique creations,” he quipped.

Cervantes is also generous in sharing his artistic skills and passions with those who are inclined to indulge in the engrossing world of the arts.