Max Collins is a teacher who gets involved with her student, played by Yasser Marta, in the two-part special episode of Tadhana airing today, November 19.

After surviving an abusive relationship, Helena (Max) puts her medical studies on hold and returns to her hometown to teach. But instead of living a quiet life, things become more complicated when she meets Tristan Alfonso Durano III or Third (Yasser), who is one of her students.

Third is a known troublemaker. But despite his bad boy image, his natural charm made Helena fall for him. They start dating in secret, avoiding crowded places because they are aware that their relationship is forbidden.

However, Third’s parents soon discover the affair through Feliz (Liezel Lopez), Third’s childhood friend who’s been in love with him for a long time. Third’s parents are furious and they want to put Helena behind bars.

To protect Helena, Third decides to take her somewhere far away from their place. Unfortunately, Third’s car gets hit by another vehicle leaving the couple severely injured.

Before Third loses consciousness, he sees a figure of a woman who runs away from them. Who is this mysterious woman and how will this misfortune change the lives of Helena and Third?

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