Pangan: On living harmoniously

EVERY gated subdivision has residents opting for peace and quiet in their everyday lives.

At Clark Manor in Dau, it is observed that residents there guard their privacy with tempered fierceness, never allowing strangers coming into the subdivision to disturb their peace as in vendors’ solicitations and unnecessary peddling of wares and other items.

At Clark Manor, where lives a friend, Eddie Yabut, an executive of an insurance firm and where I stayed for several hours in the past, I’ve observed that no motorcycle drivers with loud mufflers are allowed entry by the guards at the gate.

Not so with Fiesta Communities in Tabun, Mabalacat City, as loud mufflers become commonplace because of relaxed protocols, A motorcycle rider, knowing loud mufflers are forbidden inside, usually turns off the vehicle, walks past the guard and then restarts the engine a few yards from the gate!

At Sta. Maria Village 2 in Balibago, motorcycles with loud mufflers are strictly forbidden since a big sign appears at the gate forbidding entrance to the noise-inducing motorcycles.

At Villa Teresa, Timog Park residences and Sunset Estate mansions, in Angeles City, similar prohibitions are observed to maintain peace of the residents, especially the call center agents whose duty hours are from 6:00 p.m., till overnight and had to take a rest and sleep during the day. Basic courtesy is to be observed not to disturb their sleep.

The Metro Clark Executive residences at Barangay Camachiles, Mabalacat City, has rules and guidelines in maintaining peace and solitude for its residents.

* * *

Another problem are the dogs, either stray or pet animals. In Fiesta Communities, every other household has a pet dog which creates noise with incessant barking. It has a stalled plan to cage stray dogs, but this project has yet to materialize.

Pinoys are passionate music lovers although most of them sing off-key. Their Karaoke machines create unnecessary noise when operated beyond ten in the evening. This must stop.

Kudos to Mabalacat City College graduates Kristine Ann A. Pangan, Mary Allyson Dayrit and Jervis Capinding for graduating with Latin honors: Kristine and Jervis have Cum Laude citations while Mary Allyson graduated Magna Cum Laude. Congrats!


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