THE police will conduct an investigation on the disappearance of Christmas decorations on the center island and below the overpass along the stretch of Osmeña Boulevard in Cebu City.

The Christmas decors installed by the Cebu City Government as part of its “Christmas City” project were believed stolen by some individuals loitering in the area.

Project organizers were dismayed upon learning that the Christmas lights that were supposed to be used next week to light up the center island in front of Cebu Normal University had already gone.

The Cebu City Government wanted to showcase the ornaments in the center island in the evening using the Christmas lights in major thoroughfares in the city, including Osmeña Boulevard, but their efforts turned came to nothing.

Due to the incident, Lieutenant Colonel Wilbert Parilla, deputy director for administration of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO), said the chiefs of police in all police stations in the city were summoned by the City Hall to see what they can help to solve the problem.

But Parilla said they have no enough manpower, but added that they can ask the barangay tanods and the members of “Task Force Kasaligan” to help the police personnel secure the Osmeña Boulevard against thieves.

The police believed that some loiterers in the area were responsible in the disappearance of Christmas decors and in tearing down the tarpaulin.

However, there were no CCTVs in the area that can prove their allegations.

The operatives of Parian Police Station are now in the process of identifying the persons involved in the crime.

Parilla said those who will be caught will be charged with theft and damaging a government property. (AYB, TPT)