The Indigenous People (IP) whom they identified themselves as Ati(s) joined the 15th Negros Organic Farmers Festival which opened at the Provincial Capitol Grounds in Bacolod City yesterday.

They are from various localities namely Ati Community of Barangay Taloc in Bago City, Sitio Sibato Bukidnon from Barangay Guimbala-on in Silay City, Sitio lliranan Bukidnon and Sitio Cabagtasan Bukidnon from Barangay Codcod in San Carlos City

Also joining are those from Sitio Marikudo Ati Community in Barangay Camangcamang, Isabela, Barangay Central Tabao in Valladolid and Himamaylan City.

Nanay Weng, Tata and Rezel were selling their various traditional healing medicinal or herbs, oils and other products that they believed can heal a person’s ailment.

Nanay Weng said that it is innate or natural in them to feel if the person(s) coming to them need this kind of traditional healing herbs and other essential oil such as “lana” which they produce ans put some herbs inside that can help heal a congestion and other body ailments.

They have bracelets that are adorned by herbs inside, lana (oil) placed in various sizes of bottles that are mostly used by faith healers, kamangyan, tawas, among others.

They believed that some people still used the traditional healing methods. But they have clarified that what they sell are not back with “rituals.”

It is just traditional medicines that can heal illnesses, she said.

They want to showcase also the old traditional means or healing practices and hope that people will buy their products so that they can also sustain the production of traditional medicines.*