Theologians, mathematicians, historians and scientists in various fields have bowed down to the writings of mystic Maria Valtorta (1897-1961) as a stupendous work that leaves no question unanswered with incredible precision, bolstering the volumes she had written as not just a work of fiction.

By Divine Will, Valtorta was transported back in time to witness the life of the Holy Family, particularly of Our Lord Jesus, as she also put on record Christ’s commentaries which now comprises volumes titled The Poem of Man-God. Later, this title was changed to The Gospel as Revealed to Me.

But more than the testimonies of theological and other experts, the credibility of Valtorta’s work, which she did in her own handwriting, is bolstered by the fact that St. Padre Pio had recommended them for reading and that St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta religiously read it.

One could readily get the impression that Valtorta’s writings comprise an invaluable source of spiritual gems, especially in these “end times” of prophesied confusion.

Having obtained a copy of Valtorta’s volumes by dint of the near-miraculous, I am sharing in this column parts of the volumes every now and then.

In the following excerpt, Our Lord Jesus addresses Valtorta who had witnessed Jesus after having chosen His apostles. Christ zeroes in on the error of Christians thinking, as Judas Iscariot did, that following Him would mean being rewarded materially in this world.

Jesus said:

“And now that you (Valtorta) also have had at least a little knowledge of the Twelve (apostles), of their virtues, faults, characters, struggles, is there still anyone who believes that it was an easy task for Me to keep them together, elevate and perfect them? And is there still anyone who considers the life of an apostle to be easy, and that to be an apostle or, as very often is the case, to consider oneself such, one is entitled to a smooth life, free from sorrows, contrasts, defeats? Is there still anybody who, only because he serves Me, expects Me to be his servant and to work miracles uninterruptedly in his favour, making his life as beautiful as a flowery carpet, easy and glorious from a human point of view?

“ My way, My work, My service is the cross, sorrow, abnegation, sacrifice. I did that. Let those who say that they are My friends do the same. The above is not for the Johns, but for discontented and difficult doctors.”

In another episode from Valtorta, Our Lord Jesus talks about greed and how to be just. He said:

“What is necessary then to gain Paradise and rest on the Father's bosom? It is necessary not to be greedy for wealth. That is, not to be eager by wanting wealth at all costs, even by going against honesty and love. Not to be eager to such an extent as to love the wealth one possesses more than Heaven and one's neighbour, refusing to assist a needy neighbour. Not to be greedy for what wealth can offer, that is: women, pleasures, a bountiful table, magnificent garments, which are an insult to those who are cold and hungry.

“There is a currency that can change the unjust money of the world into a currency having legal tender in the Kingdom of Heaven. And that is the holy wisdom in turning into eternal riches, the human riches which are often unjust or the cause of injustice. That is, you must earn honestly, give back what you obtained unfairly, make use of your riches with parsimony and detachment, learning how to become detached from them, because sooner or later they will leave us, whereas good deeds will never leave us.

“You must consider that! We would all like to be called just and to be considered as such and to be rewarded by God for being just. But how can God reward who is just only by name but in fact is not so? How can He say: I forgive you, when repentance is expressed only by word of mouth and is not supported by a real change of the spirit?

“There is no real repentance as long as the lust for the thing for which we sinned will last. But when a man humbles himself, when he severs all links with evil passions, such as women or gold and says: For Your sake, O Lord, I will have no more of this, he is really repentant. And God receives him saying: Come, you are as dear to Me as an innocent child, and a hero.” (End of quote.)

Meanwhile, stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla, a third degree Augustinian, continues to receive messages from Heaven. On Nov. 18, 2022, she received the following message from St. Michael the Archangel:

“Beloved People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: I am sent by the Most Holy Trinity at this time of confusion.

“Pilgrim People, may the Divine Love with which Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and Our Queen and Mother have addressed each one of you, encourage you so that you do not fall into confusion, into that temptation in which your brothers and sisters find themselves, not having the good sense to look at what is happening on Earth, denying everything with great ignorance.

“Humanity must live with the constant need o aspire tos tand beside ou King and Lord Jesus Christ and our Queen and Mother.

“The creature will live in peace only if in its life it feels the need for Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and Our Queen and Mother. That is when its thinking will be fixed on Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and Our Queen and Mother. In this way human beings will know that they are on the right path, otherwise they will only live according to fleeting aspirations and false illusions, to which the evil oppressor of souls can lead them to succumb in an instant.

“Beloved of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, being incapable of loving life, you continue to despise it and continue not to value it.

“It is necessary for each person to have the certainty that you possess attributes with which God the Father has endowed you in order to love God and to love your neighbour, and to be love, holy and pure, welcoming your neighbour and acknowledging that God is everything in your life.

“Believing that God exists, loving God above all things, does not make you less human, but freer. Therefore, he who loves his brother is truly a human being, a witness to Trinitarian Love.

“Humanity will acquire the certainty that without God it is nothing. It will live in inner emptiness because of despising the one it should love: Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross and rose again to grant Redemption to the human race.

“Therefore, not forgetting that Heaven warns you out of love, you live with an obligation To adore the Most Holy Trinity, being aware of the greatness that Trinitarian Love imprints within you.

“People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: This people are like the waves of the sea; they come and go wihout attaining spiritual stability. They seek sensationalism and not the truth.

“War will continue in one place or another; winter comes with the burning fire of arms.

“The discontent of the peoples will leads them to revolt.

“People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the earth is opening up within it: earthquakes are intensifying and they will have greater force.

“Pray, People of the Most Holy Trinity, pray for Central America, for Mexico and for the United States: the earth is shaking. Pray, People of the Most Holy Trinity, pray for Panama, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil: their land will be shaken. Pray, People of the Most Holy Trinity, pray: there will be uncertainty where the eyes of humanity are turned at this moment.

“Pray, People of the Most Holy Trinity, pray for France, Russia, Germany, Iraq, Ukraine and Libya: the specter of war will be more visible. Pray, People of the Most Holy Trinity, pray for Japan: it will be shaken and persecuted.

“People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, maintain inner peace so that the fire of evil would not burn within you. Pray, put prayer into practice, persevere, confess your sins and receive the Body and Blood of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

“I defend you. Call upon me. In the unity of the faithful People, I bless you.”