to remind fans and listeners alike that love doesn’t have to be expensive.

More than just a brand new single, “TINGBITS” will also be pushing forward the artist’s new “official sound.”

“TINGBITS,” is Fick’s follow-up single to his recently released groovy, synth-heavy track, “DI NA.” The song provided fans and listeners a new angle to the “Hahahahasula” singer, known for his pop and power ballads.

The new single still retains the singer’s uptempo signature sound, packed with instrumentation laden with horns and funky basslines. It is produced by Barry Villacarillo, and lyrics penned by RJ Ensalada. The song explores themes like “KKB” and “13th month pay,” themes relatable to working class Cebuanos. However, the ultimate message? “Love is all we need.”

“Labi na sa kalisod usahay sa panahon, kung duna la’y gugma, lipay ra gyud. Though in the more practical, real-world sense, mas importante ang kwarta, money can’t buy happiness man sad,” Kurt said.

(“Most especially during these hard times, if we have love, we’re happy. Though money is really important in the practice, real-world sense, money can’t really buy happiness.”)

“TINGBITS” is now available on all music streaming platforms, released under Artist Ko. It is also the debut of the artist cooperative in Cebu as a record label, with two of Vispop’s biggest names as its flagship artists.