ABOITIZPOWER subsidiary Davao Light and Power Company (Davao Light) was able to lower its power rates for October after it was able to diversify its power sources.

As of November, at an average of 200-kilowatt consumption in residential areas, the generation rate is at P11.35 compared to P10.80 in October, said Fermin P. Edillon, head of reputation enhancement of Davao Light.

He said the increase is affected by the rise of fuel prices in the global market.

However, due to their efforts to diversify the sources of electricity, Davao Light has managed to decrease generation rates in October from September’s rates at P13.01.

Edillon said Davao Light was able to get a supply of electricity from outsourced hydropower and geothermal plants, which is the cause of the decreased rates.

“We were able to get a high supply of renewable sources of energy...Just to clarify, Davao Light did not impose an increase in the distribution charges. Only the generation charges have changed due to the prices of fuel,” he said.

“Our renewable sources of energy is close to 50 percent which is the reason why our prices are competitive and reasonable compared with other distribution utility companies. You have observed that some of them have imposed P17, P18, or even P20,” he added.

Davao Light aims to increase its reliance on renewable energy sources to make generation rates just and affordable for their consumers, Edillon said. JDC