Today marks the 27th anniversary of Sun.Star Pampanga.

As the landscape of local journalism continues to evolve and the journey of this paper goes on beyond

November 29 this year, the entire team renews its commitment to deliver essential information the communities

in the countryside need to recover after more than two years of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Even as many community newspapers and broadsheets across the world folded up for a variety of reasons

like the advent of digitalization, social media, plus the economic downturn brought about by the

health crisis, Sun.Star Pampanga (SSP) stood firm in its advocacy and bravely carried on its mandate as a

vanguard of the Fourth Estate.

SSP is the only surviving daily in the province and this is proof of readers' trust.

These strong journalism spirit and ethical norm was planted by the late Jose "Joe" Pavia -- former publisher

and editor of Sun.Star Clark and Mabuhay weekly newspaper; and executive director of the Philippine Press

Institute (PPI).

In 1995, Pavia got the support of veteran newspaper men Perfecto “Peping” Raymundo, Caesar “Bong” Lacson,

Fred Roxas, Sonny Lopez, Fyodor “Ody” Fabian and others in putting up a local paper which fitted the growing

Sun.Star Publication Network owned by the Garcias based in Cebu.

Sun.Star Clark, the predecessor of Sun.Star Pampanga, was born after the Sun.Star network set up affiliates

all over the country.

Most respected and credible journalists in Pampanga and nearby provinces became part of Sun.Star Clark as

editors, reporters, correspondents, contributors and columnists.

By the late 90s, the weekly Sun.Star Clark would be under the Laus Group of Companies headed by Levy P. Laus

(LPL), recasted to the daily Sun.Star Pampanga, the print arm of the conglomerate's media group, completing

the triad of DwRW 95.1 FM for radio and CLTV36 for television.

Sun.Star Pampanga strives to keep the public informed of the latest news and events. It works on the mantra

"when the sun sets, the star shines" driving each one with passion and dedication despite adversities.

PPI, the national association of newspapers and considered the oldest professional media organization in the

country with some 61 members in its umbrella, named SunStar Pampanga the best edited newspaper in the daily

category during the 2021 Civic Journalism Community Press Awards held at the Century Park Hotel in Manila on

October 24, 2022.

The PPI awards-giving body conferred the top and coveted citation to SunStar Pampanga for its quality of

writing and editing, headlining, photo editing, page layout and content. These applies the principles

of civic journalism like varied voices, impact on the community, follow-up stories, and observing

ethical and professional standards for the print media.

The press institute said the paper has excellent quality in its layout, design and content, with compelling

stories that give readers the experience of enjoying both the narratives and visual story-telling in its

main news pages and several sections like regional, national and world news, business, sports, lifestyle and


Sun.Star Pampanga was recognized for serving as an important voice and watchdog of the community during the

critical days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aside from being named best edited community newspaper of 2021, Sun.Star Pampanga was also a finalist and

merit awardee in the categories of best in photojournalism; best in business and economic reporting; best in

environment reporting and best editorial page (which it won in 2020) among the top three nominees which

included Sun.Star Cebu and Mindanao Times.

In the past years, Sun.Star Pampanga was hailed for its economic, business, environment and culture and

history reporting.

SSP is headed towards digital transformation. To keep up with the digital trend, the paper recently enforced

its social media platform. This boosted its readership and delivery of information in the crucial period of

the 2020 lockdowns when its now nearly 100,000 followers were served and are still extracting news on their

mobile phones.

Aside from the unique e-paper edition, Sun.Star Pampanga can now be accessed via Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram and website---all updated daily as news breaks any time of the day.

In July this year, Sun.Star Pampanga's print version took on a new look with massive photographs on

the front and inside pages, more news and stories on its sections including regional and national events,

business, sports, lifestyle, features and of course, the opinion-editorial page where the free exchange of

ideas is prime.

Today, Sun.Star Pampanga is driven by 21 dedicated and committed employees, many serving the paper and

readers for more than 20 years and carrying on the tradition of powering local news.

Sun.Star Pampanga is spearheaded by President Paul A. Laus, supported by Officer-in-Charge Billy San Juan.

The judicious selection of Editor In Chiefs (EICs) by the Laus faily and its late patriarch, LPL, ensured

that the paper will be steered by men of dedication and probity. SSP's distinguished lineage of EICs

safeguard the paper's integrity.

Sun.Star Cebu's professional guidance meanwhile secured the paper's sustainability amid the dynamic track of

the print media business.

Today, the newsroom is directed by Editor-in-Chief Rey Navales, backed up by former EIC now Senior Staff

Writer Jovi De Leon, senior reporters Ian Ocampo Flora, Princess Clea Arcellaz, Charlene Cayabyab who is

also the paper's digital head, and veteran Chief Photographer Chris Navarro.

Making the paper's layout looks good are editorial assistants Benedict Bacquian, Vis Malabanan, and

Cedie Atienza.

Other members of the team are advertising executives Jhona Ocampo and Angela De Ala plus Marketing

Assistant Krizza Anne Almarines; Administrative Supervisor Ethel Garcia-Infante with Circulation-in-Charge

Jerome Carlos and Circulation Assistant Jonathan Garcia, and general services assistant Ricky Francisco.

Manning the presses are Production Supervisor Edward Yabut and assistants Richard Barnuevo, Fernando

Cunanan and Jasyson Reyes.

Now as another volume closes and a new journey unfolds before Sun.Star Pampanga, we join hands with you and

extend our gratitude to our faithful readers, advertisers, clients, news sources, friends and

colleagues in the media industry. Praise the Almighty for creating the sun and the star.