There is one unspoken rule about desserts: if it doesn’t guilt you in indulging then it really isn’t dessert.

Some would even think desserts can’t be healthy—with classic sugary staples one would opt for an after-meal treat.

Marianne’s Yogurt might just be the exception to this rule.

Founded by Marianne Dungog, a health and wellness guru, Marianne’s Yogurt is the first homegrown yogurt brand in Cebu and prides itself as an organic alternative to commercial yogurts that are actually laden with preservatives and sugar. Along with her fiance, Anton Aldeguer, Dungog started her yogurt business in the midst of the pandemic.

“I had a friend who offered to teach me how to make yogurt and being someone who already enjoyed yogurt even before I started my business, I was intrigued. Afterward, it just stuck with me and then came the opportunity to sell it,” Dungog shared.

Marianne’s Yogurt has three kinds of yogurt: Greek, Non-dairy (Vegan) and Plain.

“Our yogurt is a good base for dessert. Since it doesn’t contain any sugar, you can pair it with just about anything you crave. You can glaze it with honey for a healthier option or even use it as a substitute for mayonnaise. Personally, I like pairing it with chocolate,” Dungog said.

Unlike the commercial kind, Marianne’s Yogurt isn’t mass-produced so every single batch of yogurt is homemade and made with love. It’s also an affordable and budget-friendly alternative.

Dungog expressed her disbelief in her yogurt business taking off, as she recalled the humble beginnings of her business.

She said: “It started mainly on Instagram. 2021 came and some online businesses halted since a lot of physical stores were already opening up. I thought about stopping as well but the orders were still coming in. I realized I cannot stand the thought of not making yogurt anymore especially when my customers expressed just how good they felt after consuming my organic yogurt.”

Not only is Marianne’s Yogurt a delicious alternative to other desserts but it also helps with one’s gut health. Yogurt in itself has good bacteria that aids with proper digestion and regulates the digestive system in order to combat bloating and constipation. Yogurt is also the most palatable food that contains probiotics.

“A lot of our customers tell me that after consuming our yogurt, they feel lighter and cleaner in the gut,” Dungog said.

Health has never been this tasty. Marianne’s Yogurt is available in several health and wellness outlets in Cebu namely: Happy Hippos, Prutasan ni Adan, and six Metro Stores. One can also order directly through Marianne’s Yogurt’s social media pages.