Why buy diamonds during a recession?

Photo by Edgar Soto on Unsplash
Photo by Edgar Soto on Unsplash

THE current economic crisis, which stemmed from the Covid-19 pandemic, had made people wise in their investment decisions.

Over recent years, people gained interest in diamonds, and many saw a positive impact as it provided a good return on investment.

Diamond is one of the investments that have great value as it remains stable during a crisis. For thousands of years, diamonds have been used as a store of wealth that can be easily stored and carried, especially in times of emergencies.

Despite the economic turmoil, diamond prices did well. Unlike many other asset classes which have fallen, prices have stayed relatively stable this year.

Economic experts said diamonds can be used as a hedge against inflation and uncertainty in the global forex markets. A kind of insurance against difficult times.

TESSERA, Philippines’ premiere diamond authority, diamonds have become a popular investment choice in the recent past as their value has appreciated over the last few years.

But, how do diamonds compare to other investment options?

Unlike any other commodities, Tessera said diamond prices are not dependent on variations in exchange rates or on external financial authorities.

Diamonds are the most compact form of wealth. Unlike other physical commodities like real estate, gold, and silver, diamonds are easier to store, transport, and maintain. Also, you can keep diamonds worth millions in the smallest of safes.

Just like other physical commodities, diamonds are inflation-proof. Even if you're not considering diamonds as an investment, it can be an alternative way to put some money aside.

Diamonds are one of those investments you see, wear, touch, and enjoy. A diamond's value does not depreciate with use is one of the most compelling reasons for it being a good investment.

Diamonds are also the most durable things on earth. You don't have to worry about diamonds wearing off or getting damaged. By insuring your diamonds, you can protect them against loss or theft.

Investing in anything carries risk. Just do your due diligence and make your choices. Try to find sources that are objective. Information from those who will benefit from your purchase will always encourage you to buy from them, even if it isn’t the wisest investment.

“Diamonds are definitely an investment. They are genuinely timeless in terms of both beauty and value. The more their rarity, the greater their value. Natural diamonds, as a long-term investment, not only retain their value but also appreciate at a much quicker pace than most other investment vehicles,” said Carl Deo Fider, CEO and Co-Founder

TESSERA comes to Davao

Fider said TESSERA carries the widest variety of certified and conflict-free natural diamonds in the Philippines - Diamond authority in the Pearl of the orient.

He said TESSERA, founded in 2011, began selling gold monogram necklaces, then moved on to selling diamond engagement rings in 2012, and is now primarily focused on natural, conflict-free certified classic diamond pieces.

“We carry the widest variety of certified and conflict-free natural diamonds in the Philippines - Diamond authority in the Pearl of the Orient,” Fider said.

Among their latest designs of TESSERA are Miss Universe 2018 winner Catriona Grey's iconic ear cuffs, which were launched back in 2012. Other best-selling pieces are the Three Stars and a Sun, Alab at Dangal, and Pearl of the Orient. This marked the beginning of the brand's rapid growth.

“This year, the brand also pioneered the fancy cluster collection, combining different diamond cuts into a single piece of jewelry, and has been influential in the growth and development of the diamond industry in the Philippines,” he said.

Also this year, TESSERA will bring its merchandise to Davao City on December 2 and 3, where it will have its Diamond Jewelry Preselling and Trunk Show event in Davao City at the Bondi & Bourke at Pelayo Street.

“We see a lot of potential in Davao. We view Davaoenos as genuine businesspeople and investors, and we believe that our diamond pieces are excellent investments for the people of the South. We already have a few loyal clients there. We intend to do seasonal trunk events and, ideally, to open a showroom in the future,” he said.


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