One of my closest friends, Patricia Erlaine Luardo is marrying the love of her life, Steven Rosello today, Dec. 3, in a humble ceremony.

I am absolutely excited to witness this new chapter of their life as I have been an avid witness since the beginning of their relationship.

Pat has been one of my best friends since college at the University of San Jose-Recoletos.

We met in a theater class and since then, we hit it off, like soulmates for friends.

She is the most sensitive, caring, and empathic person I have ever met and we stuck through each other’s ups and downs.

Pat met Steve as a student in his yoga class. I remember vividly when Pat said she had a crush on this “cute” instructor at her gym.

A month later, Stevie asked Pat out and my dear “gigil” friend gave her entire work-week schedule so he could find the best time to take her to dinner.

They started dating with a handshake after confessing to each other in the car. Since then, both have been faithful and loving to each other through honesty and consistency.

Years later, Steve popped the question so casually that Pat laughed it off thinking it was a joke. Turns out, he was serious. She obviously said yes.

So, now they face the grace of God as husband and wife in front of friends and family making a new vow, “to love and to hold through sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

To witness the love between Steve and Pat throughout the years has made me realize that this is the kind of love we all must try to achieve.

Love, when cared for properly, blooms and grows. Best wishes to the happy couple!