THE garbage management system of Cebu City might see an overhaul as Filipino businessman and billionaire Enrique K. Razon Jr. pours in investment to modernize a local waste management company.

Prime Integrated Waste Solutions Inc. (Piwsi), a Prime Infra subsidiary, is set to fully acquire ARN Central Waste Management Inc., which currently receives around 1,000 tons of Cebu’s, including Cebu City’s, municipal solid waste daily. Prime Infra, is Razon’s infrastructure arm that focuses on building assets that support the most urgent sustainability priorities — energy, access to clean water, waste management and viable critical infrastructure.

The company projected that the investment will bring Cebu City’s waste management at par with world-class materials recovery facilities in other developed countries like Singapore.

ARN Central Waste Management Inc., the operator of a private landfill in Barangay Binaliw, is the first waste management business that Prime Infra is developing and upgrading in the country. The Cebu City Government started to throw its waste at ARN’s landfill in May 2019 through a hauling service provider.

Piwsi aims to immediately address methane emissions, prevent ocean, water and air pollution through efficient waste management and enhance the quality of life in surrounding communities by supporting critical infrastructure in Cebu.

“We are looking forward to working closely with the local government of Cebu City to successfully achieve our strategic objectives and make the city a showcase for waste-to-value initiatives in the country,” said Cara Peralta, Prime Infra’s Market Sector Lead for Waste.

Sought for his comments, Mayor Michael Rama told SunStar Cebu on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2022, that he cannot provide details as of the moment regarding this development. He said he will call for a press conference on Monday to discuss Piwsi’s entry in the City’s waste disposal. ARN also refused to issue a statement as its board will meet on Monday. (IRT, PR)