A PRIEST who facilitates the cause for sainthood of Venerable Archbishop Teofilo Camomot asked the public anew to pray for the late Cebuano archbishop to be declared “Blessed.”

Camomot was declared as “Venerable” by the Vatican on May 21, 2022.

Rev. Fr. Mhar Balili, parish priest of Mary Help of Christian Parish in Barangay Buhisan and vice postulator for Camomot's Cause, said Monday, December 5, 2022, that they are still looking for a miracle as their next step for Camomot to be elevated to “Blessed” status.

Balili said that one of the requirements for a person to become blessed is that he must perform a miracle as evidence.

The Buhisan priest explained that the miracle involving the healing of a terminally ill patient must be attributed to the intercession of a candidate for sainthood and that not even the doctors nor science can explain how he/she recovered from the illness.

No ‘miracles’ yet

Balili said that until now, they have not found anything similar to the ones Rome is looking for.

"Unfortunately, nothing yet. There are cases that we interviewed but not enough to be considered as a miracle," added Balili.

Balili said that he himself is looking for guidance from Camomot that those people whom the late archbishop cured of their illness would come forward and testify.

"Challenging lang tungod kay ang atong gipaabot grasya gyud sa Ginoo. Katong gihimo sa una nga proseso ato man tong paningkamot no pero kaning miracle, naa gyud na divine intervention, Ginoo ra gyud maka hatag niana. Ang atong mabuhat ra gyud niana is to promote sa atong mga kaigsoonan, at the same time mag-ampo pud ta aron kahatagan ta ug milagro ug kami sab nga naningkamot sa iyang pagka-Blessed, magiyahan pud mi niya," Balili said.

(It's challenging because what we're waiting for is really the grace or miracle that comes from the Lord. What we did during the first process was through our effort, but (in the second process) this miracle really needs divine intervention, which only the Lord can provide. The only thing we can do now is to promote to our brothers and sisters, and at the same time pray so that a miracle will be granted and that we, who are doing our efforts (for Camomot) to be blessed will also be guided by the Lord.)

Balili said that once they could find a miracle, they will conduct a preliminary investigation on the patient and his attending physicians.

"There is a process that we have to follow, which is to ask all the doctors involved and that they must be willing to testify that the recovery of their patient is beyond the explanation of science and medicine," Balili said.


The priest urged the public, especially the devotees, to offer prayers for Camomot to be elevated to sainthood.

He also encouraged them to come to Buhisan church or to the Shrine of Archbishop Teofilo Camomot in Barangay Valladolid, Carcar, if they have knowledge of someone who had received the grace of healing from Camomot. (BBT, TPT)