OUT of 9,000 applicants, 54 students from the Davao region passed the qualifying examination for the Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) program of the Department of Science and Technology - Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI).

Twenty-one students qualified under RA 10612, a scholarship category under JLSS designed to strengthen the country's Science and Technology education by producing scholar-graduates who aim to take a career path in Science and Mathematics teaching.

For RA 7687, or the scholarship program for underprivileged students who pursue courses in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, 15 students qualified.

Lastly, 18 students passed under the Merit program for students with high aptitude in Science and Mathematics and plan to pursue careers in the fields of Science and Technology.

DOST-Davao Regional Director Anthony Sales conveyed his congratulations to the Junior Scholarship qualifiers and hopes that the opportunity granted through their hard work will lead them closer to their dreams.

The 54 qualifiers who will avail of the scholarship will enjoy educational benefits, which include tuition fee subsidy, monthly stipend, learning materials, and/or connectivity allowance starting in the First Semester of the Academic Year 2022-2023. DOST-DAVAO