THE Supreme Court (SC) announced on Thursday, December 8, 2022, the schedule for the conduct of Bar examinations in 2023.

The SC said the Bar examination will be held on three non-consecutive days -- September 17, 20 and 24.

“The rationale is both practical and societal: an earlier conduct of examinations means an earlier release of examination results: successful Bar examinees can commence their practice of law as early as December 2023; and new lawyers may begin contributing to their families and to the society as members of the Bar in the same year they graduated from law school,” it said.

The exam, which the SC said would continue to be digitalized and rationalized, will cover political and public international law, commercial and taxation laws, civil law, labor law and social legislation, criminal law, remedial law, legal and judicial ethics with practical exercises.

“The Office of the 2023 Bar Chair enjoins all applicants and concerned stakeholders to exclusively rely on the following official communication channels for accurate, verified, and updated information regarding the 2023 Bar examinations,” it said noting the Supreme Court Official website (SunStar Philippines)