FROM being a self-taught artist, who would have thought that she will end up displaying her art works in various international exhibits.

Rheza Mae Gevero Fuentebella, 25, a materials engineer by profession, said she had been an artist since she was young although she was not sent to represent her school in various contests during her elementary and high school.

The resident of Barangay Dulao in Bago City, Negros Occidental said that she has always loved coloring things from then and would draw during her free time, in between pages of her notebook up to her drawing books.

Recalling that her notebook covers were covered in doodles, she also enjoyed doing drawing everywhere, but she would often be disappointed by the outcome.

However, she kept going until she noticed that she was already improving.

“I make art because I enjoy the process (since) I create from her heart and always pour my feelings and emotions on the canvas. Painting gives me a sense of freedom and solitude,” she said.

Recently, she was given the opportunity to exhibit her art work at the eight Geoje International art festival held at the Haegeumgang Theme Museum and Yukyung Art Museum and at the second Jeongeup International Art festival at the city’s living culture center both in South Korea.

She was also the only Filipina artist at the Geoje International Art festival Award for Excellence exhibit.

Talking about the art work she sent for the exhibit, she calls it “The Good Things Inside You,” which she painted using the palette knife technique and acrylic paint in doing this painting to create textures and drama.

She said that the background was inspired by scratch to reveal cards that involve scratching an area to reveal codes, symbols, or patterns.

“It is about inner beauty and self-love and in a world that constantly strives for perfection- where everyone looks like they live a perfect life. You start to compare yourself and your progress and you feel envious triggering you not to love yourself enough,” she explains.

She added that without realizing it, you are already creating a war inside you, and ultimately, you despair at being imperfect.

Prior to her stint in South Korea, Fuentebella already participated at the different arts exhibits in India, Thailand, Peru, Hungary, Italy and Mexico among others this year.

Despite her seemingly successful career as an artist, she still wishes to hold a solo exhibit.

Asked for her advice to budding artists, she said, “if they feel they are already losing steam they should continue and not quit.”

She herself did not expect that she would reach this far and people will appreciate her works.